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Working with assets that are not truly responsive was a challenge. But the client is our partner and we respected their decision. So how did we handled the issue?

Project Brief

Our client, a bustling cosmetic studio, required a streamlined, effective website focused on easing the booking process for their services. The goal was to design a website that was not only user-friendly but also stylish, mirroring the aesthetic of their studio.


  1. Existing Logo Limitation: The client provided us with their existing logo in a low-resolution JPG format, originally designed by another artist. The logo was non-negotiable, as it was already well-recognized by their clientele.
  2. Simplification Needs: The studio wanted to avoid a complex navigation system or overloaded webpages that could deter potential clients.


  • Logo Adaptation: While we retained the original logo to ensure brand continuity, we took great care to optimize it for digital use. This involved cleaning up the image for clearer display and adjusting its dimensions to fit various device screens.
  • Website Design: We developed a sleek, minimalistic website with an intuitive layout. The design focused on easy navigation and a straightforward reservation flow, ensuring clients could book appointments with minimal clicks. The entire website was designed and developed using Webflow, highlighting our specialized focus on Webflow platforms. This choice allowed us to implement a custom, clean, and efficient design tailored specifically to the needs of the studio.
  • Intuitive Design & Brand Integration: We crafted a minimalistic yet functional website layout that features intuitive navigation and a straightforward booking flow. The design integrates the studio's branding colors derived from the logo, ensuring visual continuity and enhancing the user experience.


  • Enhanced User Engagement: Since the launch, the website has experienced a surge in user activity, with increased appointment bookings clearly demonstrating its effectiveness.
  • Client Satisfaction: The feedback from the studio and its clients has been overwhelmingly positive, praising the ease of use and the polished look that aligns perfectly with the studio’s upscale brand.
  • Future-Ready: Built on Webflow, the website is not only scalable but also easy to update, ensuring the studio can adapt to future needs and market changes effortlessly.


This project exemplified our ability to deliver bespoke solutions that cater to specific business needs while navigating brand constraints. For small businesses aiming to boost their online presence without compromising on brand identity, it is essential to partner with developers who specialize in platforms like Webflow. Our small, yet efficient team is committed to providing tailored, effective web solutions that drive results and satisfaction.

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