Lucia Smolen Jewels

Kick-start communication & drive sales, starting before Christmas season.

The cooperation started in the late summer, when we quickly identified several issues with the website, such as grammar mistakes, subpages not leading where they should, and Instagram without a product catalog, to name a few.

Fixing problems is our passion

For communication and advertising to start, we needed to firstly fix these small issues, make a website revamp, and ensure everything is aligned and simplified for the best possible customer journey. While fixing the website, we started a brand communication on Instagram to start the wheels rolling with the existing followers.


Inspired by the international approach of bespoke jewelry brands that are leaders on this market. Tweaked by the client’s personal experience and style. Communication brought 10% follower base growth within the first month of communication execution.


Media spending was allocated primarily to building brand awareness and a shopping funnel, with a focus on retrieving abandoned carts. We managed to navigate the costs for post engagement to $0.01, and cost per content view $0.08. In total, counting all expenses connected to marketing, the ROI resulted in almost 180% within the first month.

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