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Scoob: Dog walking app

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The Brief

The local market needs help with their busy schedules, and there isn’t an alternative service, to would help with that. International apps with such services are not accessible in Slovakia, so we decided to create a new player on the market.

Scoob is a dog walking and pet sitting app.

The service is taking care of your and your animal’s free time. If there’s a need, there is always a person, that can step in to your full schedule, and give the best service to your barking, meowing or chirping friend.

This project was created as part of Dribbble’s Product Design course. We were building the app through various product design steps, including user interviews, persona building, user flows, wireframes, designing, prototyping and testing.

Based on user research, we identified the potential challenges pretty quickly for a local market. People in the researched area do not have a previous experience with similar apps, unless they lived abroad in a country where Rover or similar apps are being used on a day to day basis. In the researched area, people are used to organizing their free time around their pets, and if necessary, they ask their relatives to take care of pets. So how do we build similar trust, so that the person will use the service guilt-free and perceive it trust-worthy?

User Flow

We aimed to be transparent. We realised through the research, that it’s not only pet owners who should be considered our endgame, but caregivers too. In order to reflect two-sided customer experience, we had to create distinguished approach from the very beginning, that’s why the flow was initially divided into three different types of customers in the early stages of user flow.


It started to be more obvious, that the user needs to fit within a specific type of customer from the very beginning. This being one of the main objectives, we incorporated a category selection early on, starting with the registration itself.

low-fidelity wireframes og walking app

As mentioned earlier, the target audience would have been sceptical towards a similar app, mainly because of lacking experience with alternative service. So we had to solve the level of trustworthiness through the user flow. We realised, people trust in others’ opinions, their reviews, and reliability score, as well as personal connection. So we created two alternatives – one with emphasis on localisation (finding only users within the radius), the other on reviews and scoring.

In the process of user interviews afterwards, we realised, if we immediately choose the default radius by user’s address since the registration (with ability to change it in the profile), we can easily avoid additional screens. Therefore the user goes right to the search after registering.

Color palette

Visual design reflects the friendliness and warm approach to build trust.


Typography was chosen also to give friendly approach, as well as creating some comfort.

The design of the app uses warmer colors and a clean look so it provides the professionalism this matter and theme deserves.

User interviews showcased, that potential users need to build a relationship and trust the person as well as the platform to take good care of their animal friends, similarly as they would with their own close friends and relatives.

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