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Honolulu Masters WP – Swimsuit Design

Contemporary Hawaiian Swimsuit Designs

The head of Honolulu Masters Water Polo reached out to us through Instagram after viewing our graphic designer’s portfolio and previous works. He was highly impressed by what he saw and asked us to design a new swimsuit for their men’s and women’s teams.

His request was specific: he wanted something contemporary and youthful, with Hawaiian symbolism and a colour scheme to match their team’s vibe. Additionally, we proposed that the pineapple illustration from the swimsuits could be used as a separate logo version. After we discussed his requests, we set to work designing the perfect swimsuits for the Honolulu Masters Water Polo teams.

We made sure to create something unique for their team. We also kept the Hawaiian symbolism in mind, incorporating elements such as palm trees, or Hawaiian waves into the design. The colours were also carefully chosen to match the team’s vibe, and the pineapple logo was used to great effect.

Finally, the design was digitally printed on the swimsuits in collaboration with Turbo swimwear, ensuring that the design was crisp and clear. With the perfect swimsuits designed, the team is ready to take on the competition.

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