poha suites

Objective: To distill the essence of Poha Suites' Hawaiian hospitality into a refreshed brand identity.

Deliverables: A new logo, color palette, and comprehensive brand guidelines.

Project kick off

When Poha Suites, a full-service Waikiki vacation rental management and design company, came to Vik Vektor of Mark We Trust, they sought a brand identity that would reflect their decade of experience and commitment to luxury hospitality​​. The task was to create a visual language that not only spoke of sun-kissed beaches and serene sunsets but also whispered of the bespoke care they provide at properties like Ilikai Marina and Waikiki Beach Tower​

Refining Poha Suites' Brand Essence

Vik Vektor approached the redesign for Poha Suites with a clear vision. The task: to create a logo that reflects the relaxed sophistication of the islands. He designed an emblem that captures the essence of Waikiki's tranquil shores and the spirit of hospitality Poha Suites is known for. Selecting the color palette was a thoughtful process, aimed at invoking a sense of peace and luxury, much like Poha Suites itself. Each color was chosen to echo the calm and indulgent experience that awaits every guest.


The brand guidelines became a manifesto of this new identity, a compass for Poha Suites to navigate the visual seas with confidence. Under Vik's guidance, every design decision was as intentional as the placement of furniture in a luxury suite, ensuring consistency and coherence that would resonate with guests seeking serenity and splendor.

Lauren from Poha Suites shared a sentiment that warmed our studio's collective heart:

"I loved how effortless the process was. It was a pleasure working with you! Thank you :)" This glowing review wasn't just a pat on the back—it was a beacon that illuminated the success of the collaboration.

Today, Poha Suites stands renewed, like a classic novel with a fresh cover, ready to entice a new generation of readers. The guests don't just visit; they are transported into a story of escape, luxury, and the promise of an unforgettable Hawaiian retreat.

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