Social Media Management

Financial Advisor & Coach

Social Media Brand establishment and strategy supported by an amazing cooperation with client brings always its results sooner or later.

At Mark We Trust freelance studio, we helped a financial advisor enhance their social media presence over 18 months. Here’s how we did it and the results achieved.


  1. Limited online presence
  2. No visual identity
  3. Low engagement on social media


We began by implementing a comprehensive social media management strategy tailored to the financial advisor’s unique needs. Through ongoing communication and close collaboration, we gained a deep understanding of her brand voice and target audience. Our team provided strategic guidance on content creation, ensuring each post was optimized with relevant keywords and hashtags to boost her social media visibility. By leveraging trending topics and engaging formats, we enhanced her social media content, increasing both engagement and follower growth. This approach helped create a cohesive and captivating social media presence.


The results were impressive. Over the course of our collaboration, we saw a 40% increase in social media engagement. Her follower count grew significantly, reaching new heights. The most remarkable growth occurred towards the end of our partnership when a client-created video, guided by our longterm strategic input, went viral. This viral video not only boosted engagement but also solidified her presence as a thought leader in her industry. The strategic use of keywords, hashtags and engaging content played a crucial role in this success. Our targeted social media management efforts proved to be highly effective in enhancing her online presence and driving significant growth.

Through consistent communication and strategic content planning, we navigated the content creation process to achieve these remarkable results. See for yourself!

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