Product design, webdesign and advertising of a small local brand

Duckinger, a recently established ginger shot company based in Slovakia, approached us to design their logo and brand identity. As designers enthusiastic about the product, we undertook the project with the aim of capturing the essence of Duckinger's unique ginger shots.

Duckinger, a fresh face in the ginger shot scene, turned to us for a touch of visual flair. Our collaboration aimed to inject a blend of health-consciousness and bold aesthetics into Duckinger's brand identity.

Product Design

Mark We Trust seamlessly integrated with Duckinger, extending our design expertise beyond the logo to overhaul the entire product design. Recognizing the importance of aligning visuals with the essence of Duckinger's ginger shots, we decided to choose a color palette and illustration approach that perfectly complemented the product.

Embracing simplicity and boldness, our design team curated a cohesive brand and product identity, carefully selecting bold high-contrast colors. These colors, namely yellow, green, and brown, not only identified the key ingredients of ginger and lemon but also radiated a vibrant and healthy lifestyle—the very essence of Duckinger's offerings. The result was a visually striking representation that resonated with the product and its health-conscious audience.

The Process

While our initial recommendation leaned towards a template-based website, Duckinger shifted direction, expressing a preference for a straightforward, conversion-focused design inspired by SaaS companies. In response, we willingly embraced the challenge, crafting a website characterized by its sleekness and effectiveness.

The entire wireframe and content strategy were meticulously structured to guide users seamlessly towards the purchase journey. Furthermore, for those interested in understanding the brand's origin, this information was easily accessible. However, for a streamlined experience, customers had the option to navigate through the entire conversion funnel within just two subpages. This strategic design ensured flexibility and responsiveness to varying user preferences.

Nevertheless, we adopted a data-driven approach to assess the user experience on the recently developed website. By incorporating Hotjar tracking, we gained valuable insights through heatmaps, offering a visual representation of user interactions.

The streamlined process, carefully aligned with the intended user journey, produced significant and positive results. The Hotjar tracking analysis indicated that users navigated the website seamlessly, encountering no notable challenges or turnarounds. This data-supported observation served as a solid confirmation of the effectiveness of the implemented design. It underscored that users found the website to be intuitive and easily navigable, precisely following the intended conversion path.

Design and Marketing hand in hand

Our involvement extended beyond design; we delved into web analytics, advertising assets, and content planning. Ensuring a seamless user experience, we meticulously tracked analytics, set up advertising assets, and crafted a content plan, weaving a comprehensive digital strategy for Duckinger.

Navigating a Political Storm

Despite a less-than-ideal launch timing, coinciding with the fervor of national elections, Mark We Trust leveraged this challenge to Duckinger's advantage. With a witty campaign, we seamlessly integrated Duckinger into the political narrative, transforming well-known political billboards into humorous advertisements. Duckinger became the solution for the upcoming flu season, cleverly playing on the political buzz.

Launching amidst the chaos of political campaigns, media space was at a premium. Mark We Trust's nimble approach, blending humor and strategic messaging, resonated with the audience. Within the first two months, Duckinger's sales grew, marking a triumph against the odds, creating enough data to pursue the following advertising activities.

Success Metrics:

  • Sales Growth: Within the initial two months, Duckinger witnessed a significant surge in sales, surpassing expectations.
  • Brand Resonance: The witty and relatable campaign garnered attention, creating a unique space for Duckinger in the market.
  • Web Engagement: The website's conversion-focused design led to increased user engagement and a higher conversion rate.
Conclusion: Mark We Trust's collaboration with Duckinger showcases the agency's versatility, seamlessly blending design, web development, and strategic marketing. The success of Duckinger's launch, despite the challenging circumstances, underscores the effectiveness of a holistic and adaptable approach. The resilience of Duckinger and the creativity of Mark We Trust merged to create a success story that goes beyond traditional marketing narratives.

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